How to Reduce Packaging Waste This Christmas

The planet needs a little extra help around Christmas time. There are lots of handy (and fun!) ways to reduce waste in your home around the holidays. We know it's a busy time for families, so we've taken the guesswork out and shared some of our favourite tips on reducing packaging, and increasing creativity!

Lots of these sustainable alternatives can be turned into a fun family time activity too, perfect for a cold winter's afternoon. 


Did you know that most wrapping papers are not recyclable? Especially those with glitter or textures on them. Instead you can dress up some kraft paper or even old newspapers, close them with some twine or washi tape and use some foliage to decorate them, such as eucalyptus branch, pine cones, dried orange slices - and the bonus, your home will smell amazing! It's the perfect opportunity to use up any tree trimmings too. You can use a tree decoration, a candy cane or a christmas cookie and the wrapping becomes part of the gift!


This is one of our favourite things to do. By choosing a reusable advent calendar you also get to choose the treats that go inside! 


Lots of companies offer digital downloads of physical products, like video games and books. Or you could gift a subscription to Netflix or Spotify, all with the click of a button and zero packaging.


So many unwanted presents end up in landfill each year. Why not make it easy on the adults in your life by asking them what they want - and don't forget to make your own list too!


There's nothing like the first card through the door at Christmas time, we get that! So, if you're not a fan of e-cards, you can choose cards made from recyclable paper or FSC certified paper, so you know they are sustainably made and can also be recycled. Or you could DIY some cards with sustainable card, here's a link to some fun DIY christmas cards.


Make your own door wreath or garland, it makes a great afternoon activity and there are lots of DIY instructions online. You can also make sustainable decorations for your tree, like dried fruit slices or popcorn chains.

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