Hera Cot Bed FAQs

Product FAQs

The sleep / mattress area of the cot is exactly 120 cm (L) X 60 cm (W)

The external dimensions of the cot bed:
Excluding the Legs:124.4 cm (L) X 64.4 cm (W) X 93.4 cm (H)
Including the Legs: 131 cm (L) X 64.4 cm (W) x 110 cm (H)

The Hera Cot is tested to EN716. In order to pass this standard, the cot in the top position, is drop tested with a weight of 10kg.

In First Bed mode, the Hera Cot is tested to BS8509. As part of this standard, the bed base is drop tested with a weight of 35kg. Thus we can say the cot is suitable for a baby (in top position) up to 10kg, and for a toddler/child (in first bed position) up to 35kg.

Your Hera Cot Bed will arrive carefully packaged in two boxes.
Box 1: 23 cm (H) X 71 cm (W) X 71 cm (L) Weight: 18.5 kg
Box 2: 11 cm (H) X 76 cm (W) x 130 cm (L) Weight: 18 kg

Your cot purchase includes all parts needed for your cot to
be used in baby/toddler/child mode from newborn to 5 years.

You must purchase a mattress separately.

The Hera Cot Bed has a generous sleep space of 120 x 60 cm

The Hera mattress is a UK made, fully pocket sprung mattress
designed specifically to fit the contours of the Hera cot. Find out more about
the Hera cot mattress here

If purchasing a mattress from a different manufacturer, make
sure the mattress is made to fit your cot exactly and meets with all necessary safety standards

Top position/Newborn
Once your baby starts to
roll/turnover or pull up in the cot, this is the stage at which you must lower the mattress height to the next position

Mid position (UK/EN only) Once your baby is able to
sit up unaided or has reached a weight of 10kg, this is the stage at which it is recommended you lower the mattress to the lowest position

Lowest Position
Your baby can stay in the cot in
this position as long as they are happy. Generally, at age 3-4, your toddler will ask to move to a big bed. This is your trigger to transition to ‘Toddler Bed’ mode.

To adjust the height of the mattress follow the ‘Toddler Bed Conversion’ steps in your instruction booklet Pages 12-13. Instructions linked here

If adjusting the height of the mattress to the mid-position,
replace rail to complete.

follow the ‘Toddler Bed Conversion’ steps in your instruction booklet pages 12-13.

Instruction booklet linked here

Follow the steps per your instruction booklet pages 15-18.

Instruction booklet linked here

The Hera cot bed is made from Ash wood. The wood used to make this piece of furniture is grown in an FSC forest and harvested in accordance with FSC guidelines. Ash trees are drought
resistant and will grow well in many different soil types. Ash wood is an incredibly hard and durable wood type. Unique amongst hard woods, ash trees capture carbon from the atmosphere, and ash
furniture stores it for decades. 

All parts and components of your Hera cot bed can be recycled. Contact your local domestic waste recycling provider for more details
on wood and metal recycling.

Instructions and Assembly

Do not worry, you can access the PDF assembly instructions here

You are always welcome to contact us. Please provide images or video of the issue so that we may better assist you.