Serena Mini Cot FAQs

Product FAQs

You can use the Mini Cot from birth with the mattress in the upper position until your baby is around 6 months old. Your baby will display signs E.G. pulling up or rolling over, then it is time to move to the lower mattress height.  You can continue to use the Mini Cot until your little one is around 2 years old.

Head over to our YouTube Channel and watch our “How To” videos here.

The Gaia Serena Cot Bed Modular Mattress is a specially designed modular mattress which can be used in both our Mini Cot and and Cot Bed. The modular mattress comes in 3 parts with 2 different sized covers: one for Mini Cot and one for Cot Bed. The mattress is sold separately. 

Our Mini cot is not designed or certified for use as a Bedside Crib.

Instructions and Assembly

Do not worry, you can access the PDF assembly instructions here

You are always welcome to contact us. Please provide images or video of the issue so that we may better assist you.