Welcome to the Gaia Baby Family

Our mission is to create baby products that are timeless, practical and beautiful too. 

Gaia Baby is made up of a passionate team who understand that your journey as parents is precious. We are here to support you in every way we can. Our customer service lines are manned during office hours by in-house staff trained to answer all your queries.

The official team is often bolstered by husbands, wives, kids and extended family. From delivery & assembly, product testing, demonstrations, advice and support, our families are core to what we do. 

Why Gaia Baby?


Child Safety

In-house Design




Grows with
your child

As your child and indeed your family grow and evolve, so too does your Gaia Baby purchase. We design each piece to function throughout different stages of your family's needs.

Our convertible Cot Beds are suitable from birth up to 10 years, our storage pieces are just as much at home in your living space as they are in your nursery.

Handcrafted with
utmost care

Each piece of Gaia Baby furniture is finished by hand with meticulous care. We pride ourselves on attention to the finest and smallest detail.

We design and craft our furniture to become part of your home for many years. Everything we make is tested and certified to the highest global standards, so you can be confident knowing your most precious cargo is safe in our hands.

Our collective &
sustainable future.

We design products to evolve with your family over many years, it means you buy less furniture, we buy less raw materials and we make and ship less products. All of this greatly reduces our collective environmental impact.

By choosing sustainably certified wood, we are guaranteed the foresting process is ethical, workers are treated fairly and our wood is 100% formaldehyde-free.