Our Promise to Mother Gaia


Our Sustainability Promise

When we first conceived the idea for Gaia Baby, we knew sustainability would be at the heart of everything we did. We didn't know of any other nursery brands that held the same focus on the environment as we did. We began with uniquely sustainable foundations and over the past 5 years we have focused daily on our environmental footprint, constantly evaluating our materials and our manufacturing. We do this so we can honestly say that we are at the tippy top of the sustainability curve.

A fundamental of the Gaia Baby design philosophy was to ensure that all of our products would be multi-functional and last beyond the norm, fitting into for your home life for many years. 

Truly Sustainable Products

Gaia Baby products use less raw materials and have a smaller environmental footprint. Because our products are built to evolve with your needs over time, it means we use less raw materials and reduce the environmental impact of transport and manufacturing. And our beds are fully recyclable when the time comes.

Ethically Sourced Wood

All Gaia Baby products are made from ethically sourced wood and materials. At Gaia Baby we ensure that the wood we use is responsibly produced and the forests are replenished. By choosing Sustainably Certified wood, we are guaranteed the foresting process is ethical, workers are treated fairly and our wood is 100% formaldehyde-free.

Our Commitment

Our starting point is ensuring that every single raw material we use is supplied with authentication certificates so we can be assured our suppliers adhere to the highest standards. But more importantly than that, at Gaia Baby we specifically choose to partner with small family run businesses.

Our Metals

The signature cast metal feet of the Serena collection are made of recycled aluminium in a small family run factory in Shandong province.

Our Upholstry

Our fabulous Nursing Chairs are made in a small upholstery factory where 3 families and 3 generations of seamstresses and tailors work together with amazing skill and capacity for such a small team.

Our Woodwork

Our wood products are made in a family run factory near Qingdao, a coastal city renowned for its beauty and pilsner lager! In fairly typical fashion, the factory owner and his family live above the office on site.

Truly Sustainable, Design Led, Inclusive & Proud of it.

We are just a little bit proud of the fact that we are one of the few nursery brands making this promise to our customers. And what our journey so far has revealed to us is that a lot more is possible. Our team continue to investigate and experiment with the latest sustainable raw materials, fabrics and methodologies so we can bring you the latest, best and most sustainable products possible. 

Join us on our blog and our social channels, share your thoughts and experiences. The more we share the more we learn.

From our family to yours

- Gaia Baby Family