Warranty Policy

Gaia baby Warranty Policy

At Gaia Baby, we lovingly design beautiful baby products that will truly stand the test of time. All our furniture products come with a standard 2-year warranty and bedding, mattresses and sheets at a 1-year warranty.

You may avail of a 3-year extended warranty by registering your furniture product below (within 3 months of purchase).

What’s Covered by my Warranty?

The Gaia Baby Warranty Policy covers any defects and/or damages caused during manufacturing (g. broken/defective/ill-fitting parts) and any missing components, parts or hardware.

Contact us to report these defects as soon as you receive and/or assemble your products.

What our warranty policy does not cover:

The Gaia Baby Warranty Policy will not cover any defects caused by improper use, wear and tear, failure to assemble correctly and/or failure to care for the products appropriately. Damage caused by inappropriate cleaning methods, transport to or from your home and/or during storage or any dissatisfaction expressed by the customer with respect to the weight, functionality, colour or style is not covered by your warranty.

For products that are covered by our warranty policy, the following services will be offered free of charge:

  • Replacement self-fit part. Instructions will be provided where required
  • A repair carried out by one of our experienced technicians at our Service Centre
  • A replacement where the product is deemed irreparable
  • NOTE: If you are pursuing a warranty claim, you must pay for all expenses involved in returning the products to Gaia Baby. If your warranty claim is validated, we will cover expenses incurred in sending replacement parts to your address or the address of the store you lodged your warranty claim at.
3-year Extended Warranty Registration